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If you are an established manufacturer, luthier, or builder and would like to be included in the Blue Book, please read and provide the following requirements for inclusion:

We will only publish what you want us to, so please be clear if there is something you don’t want everyone to see. There is no cost for inclusion in the Blue Book, we just ask for your cooperation in providing the information. Every year, I send out an update email that allows each manufacturer to review and edit their section for the new year.

Please email all information to [email protected] and make sure to use "Blue Book" somewhere in the subject line. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Below is a sample section of a manufacturer:

Mike Lull Custom Guitars

Instruments currently built in Bellevue, WA. Mike Lull has been producing guitars under the Mike Lull name since 1995.Luthier Mike Lull has been building guitars for several bands in the Seattle area for years. Lull and two partners opened their own repair shop based on Lull´s customizing and repair talents in 1978. Lull has been the sole owner of the Guitar Works since 1983 and still offers repair and restoration services in addition to his custom-built instruments. In 1995, he started building a line of guitars and basses based on traditional Fender designs (Strat, Tele, P-Bass, and J-Bass). For more information, contact Mike Lull directly or visit their website (see Trademark Index).

Contact Information:

  • 13240 NE 20th St. Suite #2
  • Bellevue, WA 98005
  • www.mikelull.com
  • [email protected]
  • 425-643-8074 (phone)
  • 425-746-5748 (fax)


The SX Guitar Mode features a traditional Strat-style design and retails for $2,899. In 2005, the TX Guitar was introduced. This model features a Tele-style body and retails for $2,599. Discontinued last retail prices on the Classic models range from $1,695 up to $2,195. The Modern Soloist is $2,595, and the Custom Carved Top is $2,895. The Vintage model definitely brings back the feel of an older Strat. Models feature alder, mahogany, or swamp ash bodies, rock maple necks, maple or rosewood (or ebony) fingerboards, and Seymour Duncan or Van Zandt pickups

Electric Bass

The P4 and P5 feature traditional P-style bodies and retail for $2,499. The V4 and V5 feature traditional J-style bodies and retail for $2,499. The PJ4 and PJ5 feature a P-style body with one J-style and one P-style pickup and it retails for $2,799. The Modern Bass features a J-style body with a figured maple top and active electronics. This comes in a four-string (M4, MSR $3,299), and five-string (M5, MSR $3,599). The Modern/Vintage bass features a J-style body with traditional appointments and active electronics. This comes in a four-string (M4V, MSR $2,799), and five-string (M5V, MSR $3,199).

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