Interested In Contributing

Do you have a guitar that is not listed in our books or online subscriptions? Do you know more about a certain guitar or manufacturer than what we have published? Do you have evidence that something is incorrect in our database? We take feedback seriously, and if you have one of our books or an online subscription, please email us if you would like to add or change something to the database. Also, you can supply us with high-res images of guitars and/or amps that are not already pictured in our database. You will receive full photo credit so you can show your friends your name in the Blue Book!

Please email any corrections, additions, or images directly to [email protected] and make sure to include “Blue Book” in the subject line. When sending images, they must be high-res (300 dpi, minimum 3 inches tall or wide) and taken on a clean light background in order to be used in our database. Also, you must own the rights to the image as we will not infringe on any copyrighted items.

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