B.B. King's Lucille and the Loves Before Her

B.B. King's Lucille and the Loves Before Her

by Eric E. Dahl
Author: Eric E. Dahl



B.B. King is well known as the "King of the Blues," and his beloved Gibson guitar Lucille is his choice instrument for letting the blues come out! B.B. King`s Lucille and the Loves Before Her explores all the guitars, amplifiers, and other gear the blues legend has used since he began playing in the 1930s, including the behind-the-scenes stories and people along with it.

Features of B.B. King`s Lucille and the Loves Before Her include

• Interviews with King`s vice president of bookings, rhythm guitarist, and drummer for an inside look at King`s gear
• An eight-page color section with detailed pictures of King`s guitars and concert images
• Foreword written by B.B. King, and an introduction written by Rick Vito
• Eric Dahl`s fascinating story of returning Kingss stolen guitar
• Complete specifications, serialization, and current values of Kingss signature models
Do not miss your chance to own the exciting story of King`s musical gear over the years and the stories behind the gear. Order today!

"Mr. B.B. King is the chairman of the blues guitar. He gave birth to Michael Bloomfield, Peter Green, Me, and hundreds of thousands of other musicians. His guitar...it’s the gateway to our souls!"
Carlos Santana – Grammy Award Winning Guitarist

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