Presenting the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and Blue Book of Electric Guitars, available in a DVD format. The 15th Edition Blue Book of Guitars on DVD contains the entire contents of the 892 page 15th Edition Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and the 1,408 page 15th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars, as well as over 11,000 color images. This DVD also includes the Photo Grading System, as well as many .pdf files including Serialization and House Brand information.

This DVD works through most web-based browsers. To find a guitar, simply locate the letter of manufacturer (A-Z), the manufacturer (Fender, Gibson, Martin, etc.), and select from the list of categories that appear under the manufacturer. Several models have one or more picture that makes identifying guitars a breeze!

The DVD is ideal for users who prefer a computer-based program to research or look up values, utilize all the color images to help identify guitars, or like the ease of carrying around a lightweight DVD rather than cumbersome books; the Blue Book of Guitars on DVD is a must-have for any guitar enthusiast. Also, the Trademark Index with manufacturers' contact information is incorporated directly into the manufacturers' listings.

Most of the information contained in the 15th Edition Blue Book of Guitars on DVD is simply not available anywhere else, at any price! No other guitar reference and value guide even comes close!

Please note: this is not a DVD video or an interactive program and will only operate with computer DVD drives.

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