Faster than a speeding bullet, it's back and better than ever with up-to-date pricing and new models added!

The guitar industry’s most comprehensive publication on electric guitar information and pricing has been completely updated with the 15th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars! Written by Zachary R. Fjestad, the fully revised 15th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars keeps the reader up-to-date on new and vintage pricing and technical information on electric and electric bass instruments including makes and models produced through 2014. With over 1,350 pages and nearly 7,000 electric guitar images available for viewing on our website, the 15th Edition is extremely user friendly. Obtaining reliable guitar information has never been easier!

The 15th Edition also showcases the full color Photo Grading System™ (a Blue Book Publications, Inc. exclusive!). The Photo Grading System™ is the consumer’s best tool to correctly ascertain the various grades of both new and vintage electric instruments. These high resolution color photos enable even a novice to lock into each guitar’s unique condition factor easily and accurately, showing a variety of real world condition factors over a wide range of instrument models and configurations. Why guess when you can be sure?

With an MSRP of $39.95, we're currently offering this new edition at a special price of only $27.95 plus S/H!

Most of the information contained in the 15th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars is simply not available in any other single publication for any price! No other reference and value guide for solidbody electric guitars, hollowbody electric guitars, and electric basses even comes close.

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