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2nd Edition Paul Reed Smith Pocket Guide

NEW from Blue Book Publications: The 2nd Edition Paul Reed Smith Pocket Guide Bootleg copy!

Find values and information on all new and vintage Paul Reed Smith electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, and amplifiers in one easy-to-use pocket-sized guide!


Featuring the following:

  • • 132 pages with convenient 4 1/4 x 7 inch format
  • • Detailed information and up-to-date values on all PRS instruments mfg. between 1985-2017!
  • • Serialization charts which allow year of manufacture to be determined
  • • Even the newer PRS amplifi ers are covered!
  • • Includes company history, PRS colors/ finishes, pick-ups, hardware, etc.
  • • Exclusive interview with Paul Reed Smith.

The Paul Reed Smith Pocket Guide is perfect for all Paul Reed Smith collectors and fans!

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B.B. King's Lucille and the Loves Before Her
by Eric E. Dahl

B.B. King is well known as the "King of the Blues," and his beloved Gibson guitar Lucille is his choice instrument for letting the blues come out! B.B. King's Lucille and the Loves Before Her explores all the guitars, amplifiers, and other gear the blues legend has used since he began playing in the 1930s, including the behind-the-scenes stories and people along with it.

Features of B.B. King's Lucille and the Loves Before Her include

• Interviews with King's vice president of bookings, rhythm guitarist, and drummer for an inside look at King's gear
• An eight-page color section with detailed pictures of King's guitars and concert images
• Foreword written by B.B. King, and an introduction written by Rick Vito
• Eric Dahl's fascinating story of returning King's stolen guitar
• Complete specifications, serialization, and current values of King's signature models
Don't miss your chance to own the exciting story of King's musical gear over the years and the stories behind the gear. Order today!

"Mr. B.B. King is the chairman of the blues guitar. He gave birth to Michael Bloomfield, Peter Green, Me, and hundreds of thousands of other musicians. His’s the gateway to our souls!"
Carlos Santana – Grammy Award Winning Guitarist

Click here to read an overview of the book in the Southeast Missourian.

Click here to read Gibson's editorial on this title.

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The Bass Book - A Complete Illustrated History of Bass Guitars
The Bass Book is back for a second revised edition. Bacon and Moorhouse take the reader through an information-rich and picture-heavy journey through the development of the Electric Bass Guitar. Several major manufacturers are covered in detail including Fender, Gibson, Ampeg, Music Man, Rickenbacker, Steinberger, Warwick, Danelectro, and Alembic. Other features include interviews with several bass players and dozens of bass rarities.

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The History of Marshall - The Illustrated Story of "The Sound of Rock"
The History of Marshall includes a complete history of Jim Marshall and his amplifier company as well as a complete Marshall and related product reference section, two 30-page color sections, and schematics for several Marshall amps.

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Martin Book, The - A Complete History of Martin Guitars
This Martin book is an updated version of Carter's first Martin book published in 1995. It has a standard 8.5 in. by 11 in. format with new images and text along with all Martin guitars produced through 2005.

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Peavey Revolution, The - Hartley Peavey the Gear, the Company, and the All-American Success Story
Archard writes the first book about Hartley Peavey and the rise of his electronics company, Peavey. This book is written in chonological order in full color on premium paper, and there is year by year listing of all available products by Peavey.

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Guild Guitar Book, The - The Company and the Instruments, 1952-1977
Author Hans Moust covers the first 25 years of the Guild guitar company. Features include a history of the company, a complete model listing, and the daunting task of listing all Guild serialization.

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Gretsch 50 Years of Gretsch - Half a Century of White Falcons, Gents, Jets, & Other Great Guitars
By Tony Bacon

The intriguing story of Gretsch electric guitars ranges from the Fab Four to the White Falcon, from G-brands to Filter'Trons, from Chet Atkins to Bo Diddley, and comes right up to date with Gretsch's recent allicance to the powerful Fender company. Every great model is included in this book: Country Gentleman, 6120, Duo Jet, and more - as well as the Gretsches that time forgot and the projects that almost never happened. 50 Years of Gretsch Electrics is a fully color-illustrated history that boasts great pictures of rare instruments, an absorbing story from early days to the latest exploits, and a collector's reference guide to every single instrument.

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