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Gibson Amplifiers 1933-2008 75 Years of the Gold Tone  By Wallace Marx Jr
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Gibson Amplifiers 1933-2008 is the first and only guide on Gibson amplifiers! Features include over 200 pages and a 12-page color section, the entire history of Gibson amplifiers through 2008 as well as an overview of amplification from the early 20th century, a complete guide section to Gibson amps with specifications, shipping totals, and pictures, and a CD-ROM containing the entire Gibson Amplifier Master Service Book in PDF format that includes owner’s manuals and schematic s for Gibson amps produced from 1936 to 1966. The information contained in this book and CD-ROM is simply not available from any other single source!
ISBN 10: 1-886768-90-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-886768-90-1
Press Release
Blue Book Publications releases first-ever history of Gibson Amplifiers

Gibson Amplifiers 1933-2008: 75 Years of the Gold Tone
by Wallace Marx Jr., is the first complete survey of the musical amplifiers made by the Gibson Guitar Company. Featuring hundreds of photos, a 12-page color section, rare documents, and catalog pages, this new book thoroughly tells the story of America’s “other amp.” Even more exciting, Gibson Amplifiers 1933-2008: 75 Years of the Gold Tone includes a CD-ROM version of the Gibson Amplifier Master Service Book – a shop manual that includes schematics and owners manuals for Gibson amplifiers built through the mid-1960s.

“This book chronicles Gibson’s entire amplification history,” says Blue Book Publications’ Zachary R. Fjestad, “from their first tentative entries into the market, the golden era of 1948-62, and the years leading up to and including its re-establishment as a maker of premier guitar amplification. It’s all there!”

One of America’s oldest and most revered makers of guitars, Gibson was present at the advent of electrical amplification and was one of the first companies to offer an electric guitar and amplifier set. Gibson Amplifiers 1933-2008: 75 Years of the Gold Tone takes the reader back to the early years of amplification like few other books on the topic have. This history gives readers a fresh perspective on guitar amplification.

Gibson Amplifiers 1933-2008: 75 Years of the Gold Tone also answers some big questions, such as where certain amplifiers were made, who designed some of the classic Gibson units, and how production progressed over the years. The book also presents new information, such as Gibson’s abandoned first attempts at fielding an amplifier, how some amplifiers were actually outsourced, and production during World War II.

The real bonus for readers is the included CD-ROM reprint of the Gibson Amplifier Master Service Book. First published in the mid-1960s, the manual holds a wealth of information not easily accessed until now and certainly not available in one spot. With schematics for every Gibson amplifier built from 1936 through 1966, the master service manual is a boon to technicians and hobbyists everywhere. Further, the Gibson Amplifier Master Service Book also includes owner’s manuals for many models, making available for the first time insider tips on usage and service. When a rare copy of the Gibson Amplifier Master Service Book appears on eBay, it normally sells in excess of $200!

Author Wallace Marx Jr., a regular contributor to Vintage Guitar and Guitar Player magazines, has done an excellent job in telling the elusive story of the Gibson amplifier program. “Gibson did little to document their amp program, but I think we’ve been able to pull together as much existing information as possible. For the first time, the whole story is in one spot.”

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Strung Out - by Zachary R. Fjestad
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