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Mandolins previously produced in Chicago, IL from c. 1892-WWII. Mandolins currently produced since the 1970s in China, Japan, and Korea. Distributed by U.S. Music Corp in Buffalo Grove, IL.
Washburn mandolins were introduced circa 1892, which was when mandolins became very popular. The first models were the bowl-back instruments with deep bowls. Washburn offered many different grades of their mandolins ranging from basic to highly inlaid ornate models. Circa 1915, Washburn introduced the flat-back mandolin that was similar to Gibson's design. In 1917, the name Lyon & Healy was applied to Washburn mandolins, but by the early 1920s, Washburn was put on the mandolin again (along with a variety of other labels). Washburn also produced mandolas, mandocellos, contra basses, a guitar mandolin (Mandolinetto), and a 12-string mandolin. Mandolin production continued through the 1930s and was discontinued around the same time the entire Washburn line disbanded.
In the 1970s, mandolins were first revived by Beckman Musical Instruments with the WM40 and WM70. In 1978, an entirely new line was introduced that included endorser Jethro Burns. These new mandolins were styled after the Gibson A-style and F-style (however a few reissues of older Washburns exist). Jethro Burns died in 1989, and the signature was taken off of his models, however they were produced well into the 1990s. Washburn mandolins are currently produced. For a full history on Washburn refer to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars. Information courtesy John Teagle, Washburn: Over One Hundred Years of Fine Stringed Instruments and Hubert Plijsier: Washburn - Prewar Instrument Styles.

From Blue Book Publications:

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