iGuitar Inc. (Formerly Brian Moore Custom Guitars)
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iGuitar Inc. (Formerly Brian Moore Custom Guitars)
Mandolins currently produced in La Grange, NY since 1999. Distributed by Brian Moore Custom Guitars in Cold Spring, NY since 2008. Previously located in Poughkeepsie, NY between 2000 and 2008 and in Brewster, NY from 1992 to 2000.
Brian Moore Custom Guitars produces a line of custom guitars, MIDI-system guitars, bass guitars, and mandolins. Pat Cummings and Brian Moore teamed up with Kevin Kalagher in 1992 to begin prototype designs on the MC/1. Both Cummings and Moore had prior experience in producing guitars for another company, but elected to stay in New York when their division was moved south by headquarters. Moore designed the composite body shapes and incorporated the tonewood tops while Cummings arranged the electronics and pickup configurations. After testing seven prototypes, the MC (Moore/Cummings) 1 debuted in 1993.
After continued success both in the U.S. and Japan, the company expanded the product line with the C Series. Designed similar to the MC/1, the different models featured all wood bodies and bolt-on necks. The MC/1 was also offered with elaborate fretboard inlays (the Art Guitars), or with built-in MIDI equipment.
Brian Moore Art Guitars feature custom inlay work, and thisis available on any of the models. In 1999, Brian Moore introduced the P-5 mandolin.
In 2000, the iGuitar series was introduced. These guitars are produced in Korea, and they feature many of Brian Moore's trademark features. Custom shop models are still produced in New York.
In 2008, Brian Moore Guitars announced that they were transitioning to a new entity called iGuitar. They also moved into a new facility located in Cold Spring, NY.
iGuitar/Brian Moore guitars utilize several digital tools on their guitar. The RMC MIDI Ready System is compatible with all 13-pin guitar synthesizer inputs. The RMC system uses piezo saddles as the MIDI pickup, and all hardware and electronicsare mounted internally. As a result, there are full blending capabilities between MIDI, piezo pickups, and magnetic pickups. iGuitar is also offering a USB port on several of their guitars. For more information, contact Brian Moore Custom Guitars directly or visit their website.

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