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Mandolins currently built in Austin, TX since 1999. Distributed by Collings Guitars, Inc. of Austin, TX. The Collings Guitar trademark was established in 1986.
Luthier Bill Collings was born in Michigan, and raised in Ohio. In 1973, Collings moved from Ohio to Houston, TX, and originally did guitar repair work. Colling's first flattop guitars date from this period. In 1980, Collings relocated his workshop to Austin, TX. In addition to his flattop guitars, he also began building archtop guitars. Collings Guitars was founded in 1986. Today, the company maintains tight quality control over their production, and consumer demand remains high. In 1999, Collings introduced a line of A and F-style mandolins. In 2005/2006 Collings moved to a new building within Austin, TX, and in 2007, Collings released a new electric line of guitars. Company information courtesy Collings Guitars, some model and serialization information courtesy George Gruhn and Walter Carter, Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars. For more information, contact Collings directly of visit their website.

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