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C. Bruno & Sons
Mandolins previously produced in Macon, GA during the 1830s and various other locations until the 1920s. See chapter on House Brands.
C. Bruno & Sons was originally formed in Macon, GA in 1834. C. Bruno & Son guitars were built by another manufacturer, and distributed by the company. The company has been in the music distribution business since then and C. Bruno & Son distributors is currently part of Kaman Music Corporation.
In 1838, Charles Bruno and C.F. Martin entered into a partnership to produce and distribute acoustic guitars. These specific guitars are labeled with both names, and were produced in New York. In 1839, Martin moved the company to Nazareth, PA and dissolved the partnership. C.F. Martin did not provide the guitars that bear the "Bruno" or "C. Bruno & Sons" logos on the peghead. Source: Mike Longworth, Martin Guitars.

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