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Apitius Mandolins
Mandolins currently produced in Shelburne, Ontario Canada since 1976.
Oliver Apitius started building mandolins under the Apitius name in 1976. All Apitius instruments are entirely hand-made by Oliver himself and he builds his designs are inspired by the Gibson A- and F-styles of the early 1900s. Currently, Apitius offers the Classic, which is a standard reproduction of the F-style Gibson, The Grand Classic, which is a more elaborate version of the Classic, the Studio A, which is a simple A-style mandolin, an F-style mandola, an A-style mandalto, and the Rosine Models. For Oliver's 100th mandolin, he decided to build a model in honor of Bill Monroe called the Rosine. This model is based on Monroe's F-5 and a deluxe version is available as well. Apitius quotes pricing and delivery times individually. For more information, visit Apitius Mandolins' website or contact Oliver directly.

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