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Mandolins currently produced in Korea by Eastwood Guitars since 2004. Distributed by Eastwood Guitars in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Mandolins previously produced by various manufacturers including Harmony, Kay, and Valco between 1958 and 1969. Distributed by Montgomery Wards througout their retail stores and catalogs. See chapter on House Brands.
Airline was a house brand name used for Montgomery Wards during the late 1950s and most of the 1960s. Most of these mandolins were built by Harmony or Kay. These mandolins were simply a Harmony or Kay instrument and an Airline logo on the headstock. Airline offered three specific models including an A-style (pear-shaped), and two unique Venetian style mandolins (one acoustic and one electric). Information courtesy: Willie G. Moseley, Stellas & Stratocasters.
Eastwood Guitars reintroduced the Airline brand in 2004 as a line of reasonably priced guitars imported from Asia. These guitars are designed after Airline's popular models including the Res-O-Glas (Map) model. For more information, visit Eastwood's website or contact them directly.

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