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Amplifiers previously produced in Japan during the mid-2000s. Distributed in the USA by Samson Technologies of Syssonet, N.Y.
The roots of Zoom go back to 1983 when the company was named simply to stand out in the alphabet by starting with Z. The first seven years the company was in business, they helped other manufacturers developing electronic musical devices and MIDI applications. In 1990, Zoom released the 9002 Multi-Effect processor, which could be mounted on a guitar strap, when at the time the only processor was in a rack unit. This product broke into the public and Zoom hasn't looked back since. They have kept ahead of the times by releasing many products before any other company did. Zoom made products mainly for rack units and the like for many years. In 1994, they released a series of foot pedals that featured multi-effects, and in 1996 released the Zoom 505 pedals. After many years of success with effects, Zoom released the Zoom Fire Series of guitar amplifiers in 2003. Zoom produced amplifiers through the late 2000s, but they currently do not produce guitar amps, instead they are focusing on effects.

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