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Amplifiers previously produced by Visual Sound in Spring Hill, TN during the mid-2000s.
Bob Weil founded Visual Sound in 1994 with the Visual Volume pedal. It all started in 1988, when he bought a volume pedal that left much to desire. Since there wasn't a product on the market that Bob was looking for, he decided to learn how to build his own. The Visual Volume was his first pedal, but the Jeckyll & Hyde pedal really put Visual on the amp. In the early 2000s, Bob and chief engineer R.G. Keen designed a line of tube amplifiers called the Workhorse Series. Models include the Pony 30W with 1-12 in. speaker and the Stallion 60W with 2-12 in. speakers. Visual Sound does not produce guitar amplifiers anymore, but they do produced a full line of guitar effects pedals.

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