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Amplifiers and speaker cabinets currently produced in Cornwall, Ontario and White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.
Wizard Amplification Inc. is a Canadian company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-end tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets. Construction consists of military type turrent boards, true point to point soldering, premium capacitors and metal film resistors for stability and tolerance. Fully welded and polished 14 gauge nickel and brass plated steel chassis support high quality built transformers. Lexan control panels dress these amplifiers and high grade potentiometers control them. Heavy duty sockets are fitted with matched sets of high grade tubes. Hand wired to military specifications and zero compromise in construction assures ultimate reliability in the studio and on the road. All speaker cabinets are made of 100% Baltic birch. Recessed steel handles, high quality speaker mounting hardware, aluminum jack plates with Switchcraft jacks, and high grade Tolex covering add to the ruggedness that make all Wizard speaker durable. For more information, visit their website.

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