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Amplifiers previously produced in the United States and Japan between circa 1964 and the late 1970s. Distributed by the Merson Musical Supply Company of Westbury, NY.
Univox amplifiers were in circa 1964, and early models completely made in the U.S. as tube amplifiers with Jensen speakers. By the late 1968, Univox started using Japanese parts to assemble their amplifiers in American made cabinets. By 1971, Univox was offering several different designs and solid-state models were introduced as part of the regular line. Univox produced amplifiers under the Univox name until the late 1970s. By 1980, all amplifiers were produced by Westbury, the company that had supplied the cabinets for Univox. Westbury amps were made up until 1982. Univox was purchased by Korg in 1985. Univox amplifiers were introduced as budget/entry-level solid-state models in the 1990s as well. Early history courtesy: Michael Wright, Guitar Stories Volume One.

From Blue Book Publications:

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