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Amplifiers currently produced in Des Moines, IA and overseas.
UJC Electronics, the former parent company of Ultrasound, was founded in 1985. They produce a vast range of products including smoke detectors, pest control devices, digital recording devices, and LED lighting systems. In 1991, Greg Farres came to work for UJC and his expertise in guitar amplifier circuitry inspired the first Ultrasound AG-50 amp. UJC and Farres saw a need for an acoustic amplifier that would replicate the exact tone of the guitar. Ultrasound now has a full line of acoustic guitar amplifiers and accessories. In late 2007, Dean Markley bought Ultrasound, and they are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dean Markley. All amps are designed and set up in their Des Moines factory, and a select few are entirely produced in the U.S. For more information, visit Ultrasound's website or contact them directly.

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