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Speakers and speaker cabinets currently produced in San Francisco, CA. Previously produced in San Rafael, CA.
John Harrison is the man in charge at Tone Tubby. John has been reconing speakers since 1973. The Tone Tubby speaker came about when a customer brought in an old Vox Bulldog speaker to be reconed. John did his thing with it and the customer went nuts. The speaker caught on shortly thereafter. Tone Tubby has also revolutionized speakers by using hemp paper for the speaker cone. Hemp is a more durable material and does not rip as fast as paper does. Tone Tubby has also taken their speakers and fitted them into speaker cabinets. Customers no longer have to mess with reconing speakers in an old amp, or replacing old speakers. Tone Tubby has several other speakers available. For more information and availability, visit Tone Tubby's website or contact them directly.

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