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Amplifiers currently produced in Japan since 2006. Distributed by Tascam in Montebello, CA.
Tascam has been producing audio electronic products since 1953, and they have been involved in pro-audio guitar gear since the 1970s. They are best-known for their computer recording, professional audio, DJ/producer equipment, and other audio electronics. In 2006, they applied some of their technology to a guitar amplifier, the GA-100CD. This amp features Tascam's Neo TubeT technology, which makes it sound like a tube amp, a 60W amp section, a 40W (20W X 2) CD playback amp section, 1-12 in. speaker for the amp, and 2-5 in. speakers for CD playback. The GA-100CD also features DSP effects, an effects loop, and a CD trainer section. The CD trainer allows the user to play along with a CD, speed up the tempo of the CD without changing pitch, and a guitar cancel. This is a perfect application for the CDs that many guitar magazines and books offer that only have the rhythm section. A small version called the GA-30CD was added in 2007. For more information, visit Tascam's website or contact them directly.

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