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Instruments previously produced in Springfield, VA.
Talos amps were built by Bill Thalmann and Doug Weisbrod in Virgina, and they first started experimenting with this design in the early 2000s. The Talos Basic Amp steers away from models that have numerous controls and switches to produce a versatile and complex sound from very simple controls. The Basic Amp has only two knobs and four switches, which leaves the guitar to shape more of the tone. Talos amps were hand-built one at a time, feature tube chassis, and were available in a head or a combo unit. The head starts at (Last MSR $2,400) and the combo at (Last MSR $3,000). Options were available such as custom wood cabinets and a tweeter. Speaker cabinets were also available. For more information visit Talos' website or contact them directly.

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