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Amplifiers currently produced by Absara Audio LLC in Port Jefferson Station, NY. Previously produced by Zinky Amplifiers in Flagstaff, AZ. Distributed by KMC Music since mid-2015. Previously produced by the National Dobro company (Valco) between circa 1935 and 1969.
The Supro trademark was the budget brand of the National Dobro company (See NATIONAL or VALCO), who also supplied Montgomery Wards with Supro models under the Airline trademark. National offered budget versions of their designs under the Supro brand name beginning in 1935.
When National moved to Chicago in 1936, the Supro name was used on wood-bodied lap steels, amplifiers, and electric Spanish arch top guitars. The first solid body Supro electrics were introduced in 1952, and the fiberglass models began in 1962.
In 1962, Valco Manufacturing Company name was changed to Valco Guitars, Inc. (the same year that fiberglass models debuted). Kay purchased Valco in 1967, so there are some Kay-built guitars under the Supro brand name. Kay went bankrupt in 1968, and both the Supro and National trademarks were acquired by Strum & Drum in Chicago, IL. The National name was used on a number of Japanese-built imports, but the Supro name was never reused until recently.
Archer's Music of Fresno, California bought the rights to the Supro name in the early 1980s. They marketed a number of Supro guitars constructed from new old stock (N.O.S.) parts for a limited period of time. In 2004, Bruce Zinky of Zinky started producing guitars and amps under the Supro name again. In 2014, Absara Audio LLC acquired the rights to the Supro brand from former Fender amp designer and longtime Pigtronix associate Bruce Zinky and they introduced a new line of vintage inspired Supro amplifiers. In mid-2015, KMC Music announced Absara Audio LLC as the exclusive distributor in the U.S. For more information, visit Supro's website or contact them directly. Source for early history: Michael Wright, Vintage Guitar Magazine.

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