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Amplifiers currently produced in California since 2006. Previously produced in Waxahachie, TX, between 2002 and 2005. Distributed by Sound Enhancer in The Woodlands, TX.
Harold N. Smith Jr. is the president of Sound Enhancer and the company is a family owned business. Sound Enhancer is possibly the only trademark in the book whose amplifier doesn't run on electricity. The Sound Enhancer is a hollow black box that acts as a stand for a guitar amplifier, and the Mainfold Horn Technology amplifies the amplifier that is sitting on the Sound Enhancer. The guitar amp is angled upward and sound resonates inside the box. The sound is then projected out of the opening in the front right underneath the amplifier. The Sound Enhancer is great for isolating the amps volume as it keeps volume levels under control by sending all sound wave forward. If the back of an amp is left open, the secondary sound wave causes phase cancellation, thus destroying tone. The Sound Enhancer solves this problem. For more information, visit Sound Enhancer's website or contact them directly.

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