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Amplifiers currently produced in Seattle, WA since 1987.
Soldano amplifiers have been in the works for more than two decades, but serious production didn't start until 1988. Michael Soldano has been working and building things from the ground up ever since he was a kid. At, twenty-one he began playing guitar, and because of a shortage of cash while going to college, he built his own amplifier. His first amp was a Bassman copy that would pretty much blow up every night. He started fixing it and found that they were fun to actually work on. Mike´s knowledge of amplifiers really took off when he picked up some tube books from the library where his mom worked. They were throwing them away as they thought tube technology was obsolete. Doug Roberts helped Mike build his first amp in 1980. The first amp wasn´t much but it was a learning experience. He was building an amp on a chassis that he named Mr. Science. After he had saved enough money he bought a Mesa Boogie MK II. He decided that it needed some modifications and started a five year building process to make the "ultimate guitar amp." Mike moved to L.A. from Seattle and back with very little success. He had a couple SOL-100, which were the Super Overdrive Lead 100W amp, and had sold a few to friends and players. Tony Antidormi started working for Mike and tried to get the amp out on the music scene. Mike took a job as a roadie for a gig. When he got done with that gig, word had been spread like wildfire about the Soldano amp. The rest, like they say, is history. In 1987 and 1988 some big names bought Soldano amps, like Eric Clapton, and Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. Later on came the Soldano/Caswell motorized preamp. Business has boomed ever since.
Currently Soldano produces a full line of amplifiers that have proved to be some of the best amplifiers on the market. is a dealer of Soldano and sell them only because they are "the best amps out there." They now make a full range of head-units, combo amps, and speaker cabinets. In 2009, Soldano and a few others introduced a new line of amplifiers under the Jet City Amplification trademark that are based on famous Soldano circuits but produced overseas. Soldano history courtesy of Ritchie Flieger, Amps!

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