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Amplifiers previously produced in Lincolnwood, IL during the 1970s. Distributed by the Chicago Musical Instrument Co. (CMI).
SG Systems amplifiers was another division of Norlin-owned CMI. At the time, Norlin also owned Gibson and it is possible that these amps were either copies of Gibsons, Norlin used these as a separate line from Gibson, or they had nothing to do with each other. Regardless, they were built by CMI and they usually featured hybrid chassis, but it is possible some of them are entirely solid-state. The amps were covered in an odd "durable" metal casing that made the amps look like road cases. Almost all models were equipped with casters because they were so heavy. They also featured an "SG" logo in the lower right hand that actually looked more like an "SE." SG mainly produced guitar, bass, and PA systems with matching speaker cabinet. Any further information on SG Systems can be submitted directly to Blue Book Publications.

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