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Amplifiers previously produced in Santa Barbara, CA between the mid-1980s and early 1990s. The Seymour Duncan trademark was established in 1978.
Seymour Duncan is both a guitar player and guitar repairman. He is probably most noted for the pickups he has made over the past two decades. Early in life he learned how to play guitar and became a noted musician. His first experience winding a pickup came when his TeleĀ“s lead pickup broke and he rewound it on a 33 1/3 RPM record player. He spent time with musicians including Les Paul and Roy Buchanan, and he realized it was his pickups that were keeping him from getting that tone. He moved to England as a suggestion by Les Paul and learned all about pickups. He fixed and rewound pickups for many notables including Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend, among others. Seymour moved back to the states in the mid-1970s, and along with more experience, started his own company. Seymour Duncan pickups was established in 1978 with Cathy Carter Duncan.
Shortly after they started producing pickups, they began producing amplifiers. Seymour Duncan produced both tube and solid-state designs. One of the innovations that they had at Seymour was the Convertible series, where the amps were capable of holding interchangeable modules, for all kinds of different amp sounds. For one reason or another, they only produced amplifiers for about a decade. By the early 1990s, amp production had been phased out and production was focused on pickups. Today Seymour Duncan has over 60 employees and produce some of the finest pickups out on the market.

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