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Amplifiers currently produced in Vestavia Hills, AL since 2004.
Amp builder Sam Timberlake first started playing music when he was six years old, and while he was learning how to play guitar, he became interested in guitar tone. This led Timberlake to begin experimenting with tube amplifiers, vacuum tubes, reference guides, and schematics and he started to fix and modify old tube amplifiers. Timberlake attended Auburn University where he played in a band and worked as a guitar and amp tech for The Guitar Shoppe. After graduation, he moved to Birmingham, AL and began repairing guitar amplifiers for local guitar shops. Timberlake's reputation as an amp repairman grew and he soon earned the nickname of "Amp Sam." In October 2004, Timberlake developed the Variable Amplitude Clipping (V.A.C.) circuit and applied for a patent. This prototype became the first Samamp called the VAC 45. Several other models followed and Timberlake continues to develop and produce a variety of tube amplifiers. All amplifiers are hand wired point to point with Class A tube circuitry. For more information, visit his website or contact him directly.

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