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Amplifiers currently produced in Brea, CA since 1993.
Doug Roccaforte was never satisified with the sound of most amps, and he started modifying them in order to make them sound better. His first attempts were usually Fenders that he would soup up into a Marshall chassis. The first amp was a 1978 or 1979 Marshall 50W Master Lead that he rebuilt with a completely different circuit. A friend named Mark Dickerson really liked the tone of the modified amp and told Doug that he thought he should be able to sell them. He started by building mainly custom orders, before Roccaforte really got going in the 1990s. Roccaforte currently has a full line of standard production amps. Endorsers include Cesar Rosas, Marc Ford, Steve Stevens, Ben Harper, and Billy Morrison. Doug is also a tube amp repairman. For more information, visit Roccaforte's website or contact him directly. Initial information courtesy of Tonequest Magazine, August, 2002.

From Blue Book Publications:

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