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Amplifiers previously produced overseas. Distributed in the U.S. by Musicorp in North Charleston, SC.
Revolutionary Media Systems (RMS) was a brand used by Musicorp (previously MBT International) that made a handful of guitar and bass amplifiers along with various other electronics. Originally, they built their speaker cabinets in U.S.A, but other products are built overseas. Among their other products were P.A. mixers, microphones, and audio snakes. For guitar and bass amplifiers, they offered the Standard and Pro Drive Series. The Standard series were smaller wattage amps that were used more for the beginner and practice. The Pro-Drive series were sounded more for the performing musician. These amps were available in wattages up to 100 and chorus amps were available. Bass amps were also available in both series, and all products were priced competitively. For more information, visit Musicorp's website or contact them directly.

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