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Amplfiers currently produced in Burbank, CA. Previously produced in Sun Valley, Ca, Arleta, CA and Slymar, CA. The Rivera R&D trademark was established in 1976.
Rivera R&D was founded by Paul Rivera in 1976. Paul started in a repair shop in New York City repairing amplifiers, and he also modified amplifiers for many famous musicians. In 1972, he moved to California where he continued to modify and started to help design new amplifiers. In 1976, Rivera Research Development & Co. was formed, and the first client of the company was Yamaha. Paul then worked with Fender in the early 1980s, trying to turn their amplifier division around. He designed the Super Champ, Concert, and Twin Reverb II for Fender.
In 1985, Paul began producing his own amplifiers, and the first design was the rack-mount TBR-1. Ever since then, amplifier production has expanded rapidly. They offer many products now, including combo amps, amp heads, and speaker cabinets. Not only does Rivera build quality components but they are built to withstand road wear. Paul's son, Paul Rivera Jr. works at Rivera now, and many members of their staff have worked there for many years. For more information, visit Rivera's website or contact them directly.

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