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Amplifiers previously produced in El Paso, Texas, between 2000 and circa 2005.
Robert Turner founded Rhino in 2000 and was the president of the company. In 2002, Michael Spitzer started working with Rhino Amps as a technical advisor. A long time friend of Yngwie's and "gearhead guru" for his fanclub, Spitzer was also Yngwie Malmsteen's manager from 2000-02. It was during this time that plans were discussed to design a signature model amplifier based on Yngwie's specifications, which resulted in the Black Star YJM-50. Rhino produced high-wattage high-gain amplifiers that were available in either head or combo configurations. Unfortunately, broken promises and unreliable customer service ultimately led to Rhino's demise. There is no evidence that Rhino is still producing amplifiers currently, but there is no contact information. Reviews on Rhino amps detail the horror stories many users have experienced with customer service and wait times on amps. Unfortunately, no other information is available and any further info on Rhino can be submitted directly to Blue Book Publications.

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