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Amplifiers previously produced in St. Petersburg, Russia during the mid-1990s. Distributed by Gibson and Novik LTD.
Red Bear amplifiers were designed by Sergei Novikov, who was one of the best tube amp experts in Russia at the time. These amps were mainly produced in Russia, but an ad indicates that speaker cabinets were built in the U.S., and it is unknown if they were produced in the U.S. or not. They were distributed in the U.S. by Gibson during the mid-1990s, but the distribution deal was disc. in 1997 or 1998. Red Bear amps were all-tube amps available in head-units, combos, and speaker cabinets. They came primarily in 60W and 120W versions. A red "Red Bear" logo with the r from Bear reversed and a star between the Red and Bear was placed center on the amp. Any further information can be submitted directly to Blue Book Publications.

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