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Amplifiers currently produced in the U.S. and overseas since the late 1960s. Previously produced in California and other locations. Distributed by U.S. Music Corp. in Buffalo Grove, IL.
Don Randall worked with Leo Fender in the 1940s when Fender was a new company. Don was responsible for designing many amps for Fender. Eventually, Don broke away and started his own company. He wanted to design and experiment with some more radical designs that Fender never allowed. Don started Randall amplifiers in the late 1960s. Since then they have produced a full line of guitar amps, bass amps, speaker cabinets, and other accessories. Randall uses a lot of hybrid chassis with tube and solid-state components. They also have produced the very successful MTS module system where programmed modules are interchangeable. Doug Reynolds is the current director of Randall, and they are distributed by U.S. Music Corp, which also represents Washburn, Parker, and Eden. For more information, visit Randall's website or contact them directly.

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