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Amplifiers and other products currently produced in Costa Mesa, CA since 1968.
QSC was developed in 1968 from two people running into each other and becoming friends. Barry Andrews broke down on his motorcycle in California and while waiting for it to get fixed, he struck up a conversation with Pat Quilter working in a garage. Barry was a cabinet maker while Pat was designing and building amplifiers. Shortly thereafter Pat needed help with his business and he called Barry. This was the roots for the small company that was named Quilter´s Sound Company. Later it would be renamed QSC Audio Products, Inc.
The early years of QSC were that of a small company building guitar amplifiers and other items of the same caliber. In the late 1970s, they took a look at the market and decided to focus on building power amplifiers. This is when the business really took off. In 1978, Pat developed the AC Coupled Amplifier Circuit. In 1982 the Series three and Series One models were released. A lot of their units could be used for guitars, but they were starting to branch out to pro audio, such as theaters.
Currently they offer several amplifiers in high wattages, and in several different industries. Visit the QSC web site and see what the new 81,000 square foot facility is producing today. For a full company history or more information, visit QSC's website.

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