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Amplifiers currently produced in Berkely Springs, WV since 2004.
Pritchard Amps has a histroy tracing back to Paul Reed Smith when PRS produced amplifiers for a short while in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Pritchard was involved in this and after the PRS amps were discontinued he was convinced that he could create that great tube sound with solid-state components (a feat every amp manufactured has tried at some point). Deja Vu Audio was born and they started developing this idea. Later on the company changed the name to Pritchard to what it is today.
Pritchard Amps is not like any other amplifier company. Pritchard is based on years and years of research about the problem and answer of the philosophical dichotomy between engineers and musicians. Pritchard's patented XGPA technology is lyrical, warm, fat, full-bodied, resilient, responsive, and quite alive. Their products are also unique because they singularly combine versatility with great tone and keep that great tone at low levels. They have a big sound and get it from a small, light package. Pritchard has more patents, which is a measure of uniqueness, in this niche than anyone in the world. For more information refer to their website or contact them directly.

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