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Amplifiers previously produced in New York City, New York, from the late 1930s-1973/74.
Premier was the brand name of the Louis Sorkin Music Company. They started producing amplifiers in the late 1930s, World War II halted production of any products, and they came with vigor to the 1947 NAMM show. They advertised the new "Premier Multivox Amplifier with Push-Button tuning." These new amplifiers were manufactured by Multivox with the Premier name on them. It´s obvious to tell that these two companies as later Multivox models are exact copies, even the model name to Premier´s models. Premier focused more on the guitars that they built during their existence.
They made amplifiers with random designs and applications. Such early models were the 76, 88, and the 120, which would become Multivox later. Premier manufactured amplifiers until the late 1960s. Premier officially stopped guitar production in 1973-74. No more amplifiers were made after this time.

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