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Amplifiers previously produced in West Hills, CA between 1999 and 2006.
Richard Seccombe founded Overbuilt Amplifiers in 1999 and is known to manufacture some of the world's finest and most musical guitar amplifiers. This is backed up by a lifetime transferable warranty. By end of 2006 Seccombe had produced 56 amplifiers spread out over four continents, with more than several players owning two or more.
Rick has designed, built, tested, repaired, and/or modified over 5,500 amplifiers, guitars and basses that have been in the hands and ears of artists and producers including, Rich Costey, John Scofield, Rick Holmstrom, Jimmie Vaughn, Scott McGill, Greg Martin, Joe Baressi, Dave Navarro, The Edge, Bob Rock, Peter Buck, Coco Montoya, Josh Abraham, Lemmy Kilmiester, Muse, Roger McGuinn, Scott Henderson, David Kahne, and thousands of others. He is also one of the very top technicians specializing in Matchless amplifiers and Rickenbacker guitars.
In the spring of 2006 Richard was hired by Dan Smith at Fender Musical Instruments as Guitar R&D Design Engineer. This position required that he stop taking orders for Overbuilt Amplifiers, but he still fully warrants his amplifiers to any owner and maintains service, repair, and modifications for all other brands of guitar and amplifier.

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