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Amplifiers previously produced in New Hartford, CT between the late 1960s and the early 1970s. Distributed by Kaman Music. The Ovation trademark was established in 1967.
Ovation are probably best known for their acoustic guitars with bowl backs and unique soundholes. Shortly after the company was incorporated, they tried their luck with guitar amplifiers to little avail. In 1972, they introduced solid-body electric guitars. These amplifiers were produced circa 1969-1971, and they produced guitar amps, bass amps, PA systems, and a wide variety of speaker cabinets. However, Ovation's amplifiers were similar in design to Acoustic as the speaker cabinet contained the power amp, and the preamp that acted as the head was separate. Oddly enough, amps were introduced before Ovation electric guitars appeared, but they were discontinued at almost the same time the electric guitars were introduced. For more information on Ovation electric guitars, refer to the Blue Book of Electric Guitars. For more information on Ovation acoustic guitars, refer to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars.

From Blue Book Publications:

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