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Amplifiers previously produced in England by Marshall during the mid-1970s. Distributed and sold through Sound City in London, England.
Narb was a trademark used on a line of amplifiers that Marshall produced for Sound City in Charing Cross Road, London. Sound City wanted to sell Marshall amps in the 1970s, but due to Marshall's exclusive distribution contract with Rose-Morris, they had to call the amps something other than Marshall. Narb, along with CMI, Park, and Kitchen Marshall were all brands Marshall produced for other dealers/distributors to not violate their Rose-Morris contract. The Narb name is derived from Ken Bran who was Jim Marshall's close associate for many years. First, they decided to use Bran, but they did not want to be confused with a breakfast cereal. Eventually they ended up spelling Ken's last name back wards and came up with Narb. Another theory that exists for Marshall introducing Narb amplifiers was to use up some old components around. However, there were less than fifty of these amps produced and they are extremely rare. History courtesy Michael Doyle, The History of Marshall.

From Blue Book Publications:

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