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Amplifiers previously produced in Fullerton, CA, between 1972 and 1984.
The Music Man company was formed in March of 1972 by two ex-Fender executives, Tom Walker and Forrest White. They first started to produce amplifiers keeping Fender ideas in mind. Music Man produced some of the first hybrid amplifiers, but they are backwards to most modern design. Walker and White built their amplifiers with a solid-state preamp section (sometimes a single tube was used) and the power section was composed of tubes. The amps were very succesful early and they decided to produce guitars as well. In 1976, they released their first guitar, designed and built by Leo Fender. After abiding by a ten year "no compete" clause in the sale of Fender in 1965, Music Man produced guitars up until 1979. Music Man made amplifiers throughout the 1970s and kept producing up until circa 1984. Ernie Ball bought out Music Man in 1984 and they stopped producing amplifiers around this time, but continued one with guitar production. For more information on Music Man guitars and Ernie Ball/Music Man guitars refer to the Blue Book of Electric Guitars.

From Blue Book Publications:

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