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Amplifiers previously produced in Reseda, CA and Northridge, CA between 1983 and 1990.
Lee Jackson started Metaltronix amplifiers in 1983 out of the Harmony Music store in Reseda, CA. Jackson had worked at Fender prior to starting Metaltronix, and decided to start his own company in an effort to keep up with market trends faster then Fender could. He set up in a small area of the Harmony Music Store in Reseda, CA and started to produce custom hand-built tube amplifiers (very heavy metal). After Jackson ran an ad in Guitar Player magazine, orders came in through the roof and he had established himself as a tube amp manufacturer. Jackson soon took over the entire Harmony Music store and later moved to a new factory in Northridge, CA. In 1985, Jackson teamed up with a group of investors to form the Perfect Connection Corporation. During this time, he produced the widely successful SP-1000 (100W per side all-tube one rack space poweramp), and an all tube one-space rack unit preamp for guitars and basses. Metaltronix also produced the Blues '59 tube guitar amp at the request of Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top). In 1990, the investors Jackson had turned to in 1985 for support tried to buy the company out, but as things did not get straightened out in court, Metaltronix ceased production for good in 1990. Jackson then went to Ampeg and designed the VL Series of amps. Currently, Jackson produces amplifiers under the name Lee Jackson (see Lee Jackson).

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