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Amplifiers currently produced in San Juan Capistrano, CA since 1997. Distributed by Mahaffay Amplifiers in San Juan Capistrano, CA.
Tris Mahaffay founded Songworks Systems and Products in 1990 as a home-based business to design and test amps and other electric products Mahaffay wanted to sell. In 1994, Tris and his friend Mike first walked the NAMM show to see what the market wanted and what they came up with was a small tube amp. In 1997, the first Little Lanilei amps (a Hawaiian name coined from Hawaiian shirts) debuted at the NAMM show. The grille is illustrated with a Hawaiian graphic design that really sticks out. The Model 3350LT (MSR $449) is the flagship of the company with 33W/50W output, 1-6.5 in. speaker, and a tube preamp all in a tiny combo. A clean version of the 3350LT is also offered called the Super 50. Lanilei also produces a ΒΌ watt amp (MSR $369), reverb pedal, and rotating speaker cabinet called the Rotary Wave (MSR $399). In the late 2000s, Songworks Systems & Products became Mahaffay Amplifiers. For more information, visit Mahaffay Amplifiers' website or contact them directly.

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