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Amplifiers and other modeling devices currently produced in Agoura Hills, CA since 1996.
Michael Doidic and Marcus Ryle founded Line 6 in 1996 with the introduction of their first modeling guitar amplifier called the AxSys 212. Prior to creating Line 6, Doidic and Ryle both designed guitar effects and they wanted to create an amplifier that could produce a wide variety of amp sounds and effects. The AxSys 212 featured 28 amp models, 15 cabinet models, and a variety of rack- and stomp box-style effects all in one stand-alone amplifier! In 1998, Line 6 introduced the versatile POD, which was a kidney bean-shaped desktop modeling device that contained 32 amp models, 15 speaker cabinet models, 16 digital effects, and 36 user programmable channels and it could be used with headphones, an external amplifier, or for recording purposes. In 2000, they introduced the Bass POD, which was designed for bass guitars. In 2001, the Vetta Series was introduced, and in 2002 the Duoverb Series along with Line 6's first modeling guitar Variax were introduced. In 2003, the HD-147 Head, the Flextone III Series, and the Vetta II Series were introduced. In 2004, the Spider II Series replaced the Spider Series. In 2006, the Spider III Series replaced the Spider II Series with a few minor changes, and the LowDown Bass Series of bass amps was introduced. In 2008, the Spider Valve Series which was designed with Reinhold Bogner of Bogner Amplification introduced the first Line 6 tube modeling amplifiers. In 2009, the redesigned Spider IV Series was introduced along with an expanded LowDown Bass Series. For more information, visit Line 6's website or contact them directly.

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