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Amplifiers and speaker cabinets currently produced since the 1960s. Distributed by Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc. in Addison, IL.
Leslie is best-known for their roatating speaker cabinets that are mainly used with Hammond Organs. These rotating cabinets consist of two horns facing directly away from each other that are mounted on a motor that spins when turned on. The result is an echo/reverb/wah (think game show organ) sound that is almost impossible to reproduce with any current effect. Although Leslie is designed for use with organs, many guitar players have experimented with the unique sound. In 1991, the Suzuki Corporation in Japan bought Hammond and Leslie. Currently products are produced in both the Japan and U.S. factories and distributed in the U.S. by Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc. A full range of rotating speaker cabinets as well as a rotating speaker guitar amplifier and guitar speaker cabinet are currently available. For more information, visit Leslie's website or contact them directly.

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