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Amplifiers previously produced in East Syracuse, NY between 1978 and 1985. Distributed by Legend Musical Instruments.
Legend Amplifiers were produced circa between 1978 and 1985 in Syracuse, NY. Legend has been considered one of the first boutique amplifier companies out there. They offered a wide variety of tube head-unit and combo amps and speaker cabinets. Some early models have the wicker-style front that early Mesa/Boogie amps feature. The G-50W and G-100W were probably their most popular series, and in 1984, the Model A Series III was introduced. By 1985 they had ceased production on all models and went out of business. Most head units are priced between $350 and $500 and combo units are between $400 and $600. Look for more information in further editions.

From Blue Book Publications:

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