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Amplifiers previously built overseas during the late 1990s. Previously distributed by AGI (Actodyne General Inc.) of Huntington Beach, CA. Lace still produces acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and pickups.
Lace Music Products was started in the family garage by Don Lace, Sr. in 1979. They first produced pickups and other electronics. In the mid-1990s, they introduced a line of amplifiers and in 1997, Lace ventured down the instrument building path with the ergonomically correct Lace Helix Twisted Neck. The Twisted Neck has a 20 degree twist that follows the natural twist of the player's hand as it travels up and down the fingerboard. Fender really put them on the map when many of their guitars featured Lace pickups. Currently, Lace focuses on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and guitar picukps. For more information visit Lace's website, or contact the company directly.

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