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Amplifiers previously produced in Chanute, KS from 1965 until circa mid-1980s. Kustom Amplifiers were reintroduced in 1994, and are currently produced today. Distributed by Hanser Music Group in Hebron, KY. Previously distributed by HHI located in Cincinnati, OH.
Bud Ross founded Kustom amps in 1965, but he used the famous Tuck-n-Roll covering as early as 1958. Kustom is most famous for their Tuck-n-Roll covering (although some musician's swear by the sound!) that is made of Naugahyde and feels like a squishy plastic. Amps came in seven sparkling finishes including black, Cascade (teal), dark blue, dark gray, red, and silver. By 1975, Ross had sold all of his stock in the company and Kustom stopped building Tuck-n-Roll models to focus on more tradtional designs. However, these amps were never well-received and after the company changed ownership a few times, Kustom was discontinued by the mid-1980s. Hanser Holdings Inc. (HHI, currently Hanser Music Group) bought Kustom out of bankruptcy in the late 1980s and they introduced new models in 1994. In 1999 and 2000, Kustom introduced their first Tuck-n-Roll models in almost 25 years.
Currently Kustom offers a full line of guitar, acoustic, bass, keyboard, and PA amplifiers in a variety of configurations. A new toned-down Tuck-n-Roll series is also available with a tube chassis. For more information, visit Kustom's website or contact them directly.

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