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Amplifiers currently produced in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada since 1998.
Simon Jarrett founded Kingsley Amplifiers in 1998. Jarrett is a professional guitarist that lives in Canada, but is originally from the UK. He graduated from the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles where he studied with several big names including Scott Henderson. Jarrett has repaired and modified tube amplifiers for many years as a side project, and he decided to start building his own amps to satisfy his needs/wants in a guitar amplifier. The Kingsley line uses tube chassis with Jarrett's own preamp design and other refinements. Jarrett focuses on the Deluxe Series and Overdrive Series. All models are available as a head-units or combo, and speaker cabinets are also available. Prices start around $2,150 for head units, $2,300 for combos, and $575 for speaker cabinets. For more information, visit Kingsley's website or contact him directly.

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