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Amplifiers previously produced in Korea and Japan between circa 1962 and 1968. Distributed in the U.S. by Buegeleisen & Jacobson of New York, NY, Maxwell Meyers in TX, Southland Musical Merchandise Corporation in NC, and Harris Fandel Corporation in Massachusetts.
The Kent trademark was used on a full line of acoustic guitars, solid body electric guitars, amplifiers, banjos, and mandolins imported into the U.S. market during the 1960s. Some of the earlier Kent guitars were built in Japan by either the Teisco company or Guyatone, but the quality level at this time is down at the entry or student level. The majority of the models were built in Korea and both tube and solid-state models were available. Source: Walter Murray, Frankenstein Fretworks; and Michael Wright, Guitar Stories, Volume One.

From Blue Book Publications:

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