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Amplifiers and speaker cabinets currently produced in New Mexico since 1994. Distributed by JoMama Music, LLC in Santa Fe, NM.
Joe Kelemen founded the Kelemen and JoMama brands in 1994, and they are both produced by JoMama Music, LLC. Earlier JoMama amps used thick linen grade phenolic turrent board construction, whereas all current amps use hand wired using terminal strips and direct point to point construction. The current offerings include two high quality head that weigh in at approximately 20 lbs. and can be set up using almost any 8-pin power tubes The Road Runner (MSR $1,970) is a single channel head built to deliver a wide variety of all tube clean and distorted tones. The Road Runner has a tight fixed biased power section featuring individual tube adjustments. The Raven (MSR $2,270) is a channel switching head with completely separate preamps designed to produce clean, compressed, and thick distortion through a cathode biased power tube section. Kelemen also has a 2-12 in. speaker cabinet (MSR $649) that features a semi-closed oval ported back and treble diffusers incorporated into the grille. For more information, visit Kelemen's website or contact them directly.

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